Word in Season
Recently as I have noticed, how the trees have broken under the storms of the season, I asked God to show me what this meant.  Trees that have stood their ground for years suddenly splinter & crash to the ground causing a disruption in everyday life. Many had power failures for long periods of time . The Bible speaks about how the natural & then the spiritual are in Gods order of events.
As I pondered that , I could sense the presence of God speaking to my spirit , saying that in this season those things that have appeared to be strong & unbreakable, have begun to fall to cause a spiritual realigning for His Glory.
Those areas that seemed unmovable will fall and be as nothing, allowing for new growth, a new landscape.  Seeds that have lain dormant  ​for years under the shadow of the light blocking source, unable to grow, will now grow in beauty.  Gods ways are higher than our ways. Those trees that lay broken are just future fuels to allow your fire to shine brighter.  Romans 8.28
Pastor Rusty​

God always has a plan no matter what has happened in your life.  Jer 29.11
Be still and know that I am God.  Psalms 46. verse 10
This is a word from Pastor Greg Manalli